Operation Rx is Macomb County's county-wide, collaborative response to the opioid epidemic.  This collaborative supports the deliverables of ongoing community initiatives aimed at preventing prescription drug and opioid misuse, abuse, and addiction.



Save lives by empowering individuals and our community to prevent and eradicate prescription drug and opioid misuse and abuse in Macomb County.


A community free of prescription drug and opioid misuse and addiction.

Create a broad community of stakeholders to develop and implement strategies to achieve the mission and vision.


In 2015, Judge Linda Davis, President of Families Against Narcotics, initiated a call-to-action to generate awareness about the severity of the opioid crisis in Macomb County, motivating agencies and organizations to come together and align their resources to respond more effectively to this crisis.  Through this strategic alignment of resources, solutions have been put forth, aiming to decrease the destruction prescription opioids, and now synthetic opioids like fentanyl, have wreaked on our communities.  As a result of her leadership , Judge Linda Davis, was appointed Chair of Governor Snyder’s Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Commission which aims to create a comprehensive plan to address prescription drug and opioid abuse in Michigan.

This call-to-action prompted many of the same partners who joined forces with Judge Davis in 2015 to take a leadership role within Operation Rx.  The Executive Committee formed to govern the collaborative and provide direction to interventions being put forth throughout Macomb County.  Under this leadership, stakeholder work-groups formed sub-committees to develop population specific interventions to reduce the effects of the opioid epidemic on Macomb County.

Operation Rx  is a collaborative effort, bringing together different partnerships to promote systemic change in an effort to comprehensively address the opioid epidemic in Macomb County.  Our work aims to educate the community on the risk associated with prescription opioid drugs, including misusing or abusing prescription painkillers, and rehabilitate those affected by opioid addiction. 

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