There are multiple levels of substance abuse treatment services available in Macomb County.  If you are seeking substance abuse treatment and are WITHOUT INSURANCE OR HAVE MEDICAID call the Macomb County Access Center at 586-948-0222. 

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If you are seeking substance abuse treatment and have PRIVATE INSURANCE, call the number on the back of your insurance card.    

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Early Intervention:

Services that address problems or risk factors that appear related to use of alcohol or other drugs in an effort to help the individual recognize the harmful consequences of inappropriate use.  

 Case Management:

Community based support services provided to assist clients in meeting treatment goals through linking and coordinating service and resource needs, not limited to physical, dental, mental health, employment, housing, transportation, benefit assistance and self help services. This includes the joint project with the Macomb County Department of Human Services for Substance Abuse Support Services (SASS).  

Sub-acute Detoxification:

Supervised 24-hour care in a subacute residential setting, typically lasting 3-5 days, to manage the effects of withdrawal from physical dependency on substances before transferring to the next level of care for clinical treatment services.


Planned group, individual and educational counseling sessions provided as an intense, organized, daily treatment regimen by a multi-disciplinary staff who provide 24hour monitoring.  

Intensive Outpatient:

Therapeutic services provided in a structured outpatient setting for three hours per day, meeting three times per week. Core services include assessment, didactic education and group therapy, with individual counseling, psychiatric and medical services or consultation as needed.


Scheduled counseling services provided in a clinic setting. Services include assessment, group, individual, didactic and family counseling, psychiatric evaluation for cooccurring disorders, and referral for other services as needed. 

Peer Support:  

Trained individuals with long term stable provide problem solving skills and advocacy  to help clients achieve recovery goals by addressing relapse issues, identifying community resources and providing hope in achieving goals.  
Recovery Home Services:

Alcohol and drug free housing environments whose rules, peer-led groups, staff activities and other structured operations are directed toward maintenance of sobriety for persons who exhibit relapse potential and/or lack of suitable recovery living environments

Medication Assisted Treatment:

Counseling and pharmacology services  provided in an outpatient setting for individuals who are opioid dependent. Services are performed under the care of a licensed physician in a DEA approved licensed program with medication reviews occurring at least every 60 days. A full array of outpatient counseling service are provided along with daily Methadone dosing and regular drug  screens.  

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